Friday, December 12, 2008

Banned, Censored, Challenged: Black Beauty

Black Beauty was banned in South Africa because it used the words "black" and "beauty" in the title. Of course, there aren't even any black people in the book, since it is set in 19th century England. During apartheid, the censor in South Africa assumed the book was some kind of black rights novel. He did not even read it.

The book is actually about animal rights and Black Beauty is a horse. It was written in 1877 by Anna Sewell.


Anonymous said...

That's dumb.

Anonymous said...

what happened after it was banned ? what actions were takin ?

Anonymous said...

I have one of these rare banned books actually. It`s Swart Glorie in Afrikaans. Found it in an old second hand bookstore and the owner likes me so much he gave it to me on my 20th birthday this year. Wonder what it's worth... Coulden't find a publishing date in it.