Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Kiss and Tell?

I have been tagged by Miss Nobody to tell some stuff about me...

1. I have webbed feet.

2. I am a serious news junkie...I know almost everyone on CNN's "best political team" by name. David Gergen is my favorite.

3. I am addicted to This American Life- the public radio show. I love radio. I listen constantly. Sarah Vowell, David Sedaris, David Rakoff- my radio companion (Yes, severely nerdy, I know)

4. I am sensitive- I don't handle death well, even if it's "just" a goldfish and whatever I feel, I feel with my whole being.

5. I require four things in a space: plants, books, music and light. The rest is gravy. (delicious mushroom gravy)

6. I've been an ovo-lacto vegetarian for seven years now. I don't miss eating dead animals, lol.

7. Let's see...my family & I lived in hotels and motels off and on for a few years- & we (myself + two sisters & brother) were homeschooled.

Alright, that's all. Now I have to kill you.
I will tag someone a little later- everyone seems to have been tagged! People, leave some secrets for me!

Miss Nobody was also generous enough to pass me an award...and I have found someone to pass one of my awards to. Figurative drumrolls, please...

To Miss Nobody of Miss Nobody's Scribbles, I give the "You don't Say Award" for the blogger who leaves comments, adding to the various discussions which have taken place within the Dangerous Pages, letting her opinion be known to all, freely exercising her freedom of speech inspiring others to do the same and thereby contributing to the well-being and happiness of all man-kind...especially me.

Anyway, here's an award, which was given to me by Jennifer at Jennifer's Book Blog- which is awesome.

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Miss_Nobody said...

yaay you did this!I'm a news junkie too,but I really don't know everyone on CNN,and ditto to 4!just a goldfish?Totally get that!
And thank you so much for the award!Its always a pleasure to visit you!Kudos to you for writting about the wonderful books so many out there are itching to wipe out!