Friday, May 22, 2009

Banned: The Whole L*sbian S*x Book

Earl Adams from Bentonville, Arkansas sued his local public library for $20,000 , demanding that The Whole Lesbian Sex Book be removed from the library's stacks.

It seems that his sons were looking through the library for some books about military academies and came across The Whole Lesbian Sex Book which they proceeded to read. Their father now says that the book traumatized his poor children, ages 14 and 16. Hmm...

Adams claimed that God had spoken to him and told him what to say to have the book removed.

And then apparently, the Lord said "Get thee unto a law office and milk ye this for all it's worth."

There are so many things wrong with this.

1. Most people are familiar with a thing called the Dewey Decimal system- so it occurs to me that a lesbian sex manual would not be in the same place as books about military academies.

It just seems like they threw the bit about military academies in there, in an attempt to show how God-fearing and America loving they are- but I'm afraid I don't buy it. The boys were probably in the sexuality section, being giggly and pervy as teenaged boys are wont to do.

2. The title kind of speaks for itself, don't you think? If I came across this book in the library, I'd think to myself: "hmm- I am not a lesbian...and I am not in dire need of a sex manual at the moment...not really a fan of "hot girl-on-girl action" and here's the mind-bending part: I would leave the book there.

I picture them standing there flipping the pages and saying "gee, this is so terrible...gee this is so can I stand looking at this?, lesbians are so evil..." give me a break.

How dare Bentonville remove this book because of one guy's complaint? Don't they know how many people are going to want to read it now?

His suit was thrown out, but as far as I know, they haven't put The Whole Lesbian Sex Book back where it belongs- much to the chagrin of the good Christian boys of Bentonville, Arkansas.


Jenna said...

Yes, I'm so sure that those boys were traumatized. Gimme a break.

Sure, I understand the "I don't want my kids reading this!" thing, but banning books is taking it a little too far. Honestly. If you don't want your kid reading a book, tell him or her that you don't think it's appropriate.

Makes you wonder how many people are going to go in and try to find it now. Hmm...maybe book banning is a big ploy by authors to get more buzz for their books. Seems to work for JK Rowling and Harry Potter. Lol. :D

sharazad said...

Lol, Jenna, you make a good point- books that have been banned always end up selling like hotcakes.

When you get your book published, better hope it gets on somebody's bad list: you'll be a millionaire

Yvette Kelly said...

I totally agree with above comments.This is an excellent publicity stunt.I even want to read it now.

Glynis said...

Mmmm I am with all of the above. My theory is- if this is fact, the boys went home and asked unusual questions that daddy couldn't answer,he asked where they had heard of such a thing, he went a got the book had a good read and then....THE WIFE CAUGHT HIM!!!! LOL So he had to make a case to get himself out of the dirt ;0

Mardel said...

I LOVED your post. I laughed so hard at your comments. I read it out loud to my daughter-in-law. She laughed. I can totally picture my sons at that age reading that book. I would have laughed though if I caught them. Guess I'm not that protective of a parent. My dad always encouraged my sister and I to read whatever we wanted. I read Hawaii at 11 years of age (burned me out on tomes of fiction though). My mom generally ignored what we read. She owned I know why the Caged Bird Sings (wish I had nabbed that book from her) and The Joy of Sex, which I used to sneak read.

My God, though. It's a PULIC library. Any book should be up on the shelves. If he's really worried about what his boys are sneak reading (MILITARY catalogs? in the sexuality section? right...) he should be at the library with his boys. I'm glad his lawsuit was thrown out. Nobody has the right to say what my kids or grandkids cannot read. Censorship ALWAYS pisses me off.

DeSeRt RoSe said...

LOL now this is a funny one!!
Yeah traumatized, my behind!! I'm just curious how the dad got to know about it? Did he catch his kids reading it..? don't tell me a 14 and 16 year olds will go to their father and say hey dad look what sin we found in our local library!!

I agree with Jenna: "If you don't want your kid reading a book, tell him or her that you don't think it's appropriate. "

And yeah, now I want to read the book too!!!!

Amy said...

I can't believe this!! I'm thrilled to have landed here.

I walked around high school with a button on my backpack that said, "I read banned books." Now I just make it a habit to buy and read anything that I've heard is on the hit list. It's always been a motto of mine that if someone doesn't want you reading something, you can bet your ass you need to read it.

Wonderful blog!! Can't wait to read back and check out some earlier posts.

George W Whitehead said...

I wonder why they bother to ban some books. After the passage of time tastes, views and morals change. Here in the UK a prime example would be the unexpurgated version of D. H. Lawrence's 'Lady Chatterley's Lover', hot, hot, hot when it was taken off the list in 1960, but now, no shock value at all.

along2481 said...

what.......a really good blog!!!

Cat Connor said...

So - what I need to do is put some girl-on-girl action in my novels, with some kind of boy-teen inducing pervy title... and wait for the banning to commence?

Actually after reading some of your blog posts, I probably just need a suggestive title and half naked chick on the cover, never mind actually having to write anything dodgy!!

Loving these blogs by the way.

My fav banned book is "Hitman: A technical manual for independent contractors."

Sharazad said...

Ha-ha, so right Cat. Just throw in a bulimic caterpillar, gay penguins a wine drinking granny and some talking animals and you've got yourself an international hit.

Hitman- now there's a good one. I should do a post on that one, one of these days.