Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Book Blogs That I Appreciate

Let's do some appreciatin'...
Today, I am going to appreciate some good posts.

The Shelfari Blog did a post on Neil Gaiman's personal home library. Seriously, the man knows how to live. It's Here.

Then, there are the posts that were shortlisted for best post. They are all really good.

This Blogging Thing Reminds Me of High School (Hey Lady, Whatcha’ Readin’?)

On Fantasy and Why I Read It (Things Mean a Lot)

Write the Words of My Heart (My Friend Amy)

The Little Giant of Aberdeen County by Tiffany Baker (Maw Books Blog)

Also, there are a lot of great BBAW interviews going on. Check them out:

Medieval Bookworm Interviews Leslie of Poisoned Rationality

Reality Bites...Fiction Does It Better! Interviews Natasha of Maw Books

BermudaOnion Interviews Meredith of Dolce Bellezza

things mean a lot interviews Sandy of You've Gotta Read This!

You've Gotta Read This! interviews Naymeth of things mean a lot

and of course,

Lost in Books Interviews Robin of My Two Blessings

So, in the interest of raising the prestigious calling of book blogging to a higher level, I asked myself what makes a blog post good? And what makes a book blog post good?

Any blog post is good when it shows you something or tells you something that you haven't seen before. I like the Neil Gaiman post because I love pictures of bookshelves-it's a...fetish...that I have.
I like the Hey Lady post because it is so honest and funny. The interviews are great because you get to see the stories behind the blog- even if you've never read it before.

I think I know which of my posts have been my best. If you want to post a link to your best post in the comments, go ahead.

I'll appreciate it.


StephanieD said...

I want to be adopted by Neil Gaiman.

sharazad said...

I know, me too.