Friday, November 20, 2009

Friday Night Book Porn!

Book porn: (n) Photographs and descriptions that exploit the nerd's natural lust for the physical beauty of reading material. Such material is deemed highly dangerous to one's sanity . People under the influence have been known to max out their library cards, spend their food money on paperbacks and exhaust their friends and loved ones with "wish lists" .

If someone you love suffers from book porn addiction, understand that there is no cure.

Just give them what they want.

Tonight, we will look at something a little unusual. I found these images via Stumbleupon on It's not usually known for this kind of triple-x material but this time, Woman's Day delivered some unusually shaped book shelves.

If you're not into the really kinky stuff, you might want to cover your eyes (I know you'll peek through your fingers).

Some of them I didn't like because they seemed to be designed for people who like interesting designs more than books. To the genuine lover of books, any shelf that bends spines or displays books in such a way that you can't actually identify titles (backwards, upside down, etc) is not only unpractical, it makes you wonder why you would want to own a collection of books in the first place.

However, they did have a few good money shots:

The Cave was designed by Sakura Adachi. The generic pink books don't look like much, but you can use your imagination. It would be especially great for children.

This is the Zellige. It is a shape commonly found in Moroccan architecture. It was designed by Younes Duret.
And finally, there is this. Designed by Dutch conceptual artist Job Koelewijn, this kinky shelf is contorted into the shape of a lemniscate- the symbol of infinity.

I Stumbled on and found more juicy pics:

This, for example:
...books stored in the rafters for those with limited space. Not sure I would go this far...maybe after a few drinks...

And this last one just made me giddy, because you can build your own. The designer has a channel on Youtube.
...and I have such a thing for yin yangs.


StephanieD said...

Those are kinky! The infinity shelf is calling to me...

Meghan said...

I love that yin yang shelf, but is that a bookshelf with a seat INSIDE of it? *grabs counter* I feel faint!

lilly said...

Book porn??!!! I love that! And i also love, love, love the yin yang bookshelf, i can so see it in my dream house.

Michele Emrath said...

I left an award for you on my blog!