Saturday, December 5, 2009

The Honest Scrap Award

Michele Emrath of Southern City Mysteries has awarded the Dangerous Pages Review with the Honest Scrap award. Along with great honor comes great resposibility. Which means I have to state ten things you may not know about me.

1. I've been a vegetarian for 8 years.

2. I have a parakeet named Cosmo. He likes to eat chicken and he's always humping his perch (that's how I can tell he's a boy).

3. I used to live in Italy and Japan (military brat) and would go back to visit either place in a heartbeat, if only to eat the food.

4. I turned 21 in November. Now I can buy my booze instead of secretly brewing it in the bathtub...

5. Yo aprendo hablar Espanol.

6. I like skepticism. This is a late development as I tend to go through year long phases of being obsessed with interesting topics. So, I spend a little bit each day on The Skeptic's Dictionary and Skeptical Inquirer.

7. I recently got a new job. It's my first real job, actually. And it is at Waldenbooks. (Talk about good fortune)

8. I have a variety of places where I look for book recommendations, but for nonfiction, believe it or not, Jon Stewart (on The Daily Show) has some of the best books if you are into politics and history--and it doesn't matter if it's Al Gore or Ron Paul.

9. With 3 younger siblings and about 30 first cousins, I am a committed family person. I have been committed because of my family. (Jut kidding. You know I love yall.)

10. I wrote this post in my pajamas. The pants have green and blue stripes, the shirt is white with an ice cream stain on it. Least I think it's ice cream...

Postscript: Nominees

So, now, I have to pass this award on. I have chosen a handful of the blogs I keep returning to- not just to see what they've been reading, but also to check up on bloggers who have become as familiar as next-door neighbors...if people still talked to their next-door neighbors.

Miss Nobody of Miss Nobody's Scribbles

Ali of Worducopia

Book Pusher of The Genteel Arsenal

Lilly of Reading Extravaganza

Rebecca of Lost in Books


Michele Emrath said...

Fantastic! It doesn't get more hones than that! Now you can name up to 10 blogs you believe deserve the award...

I take reading advice from John Stewart, too! Have you checked out Sarah Vowell? HILARIOUS on his show! Look her up...

And thanks for the skeptic links. Curious.

You are an intriguing person. So much life for 21 years! I'm even happier I gave you this award!


sharazad said...

Duh! How could I forget about naming other blogs? Thanks again, Michele! (I am also noticing that I mispelled your name in the original post. Sorry!)

And yes! I love Sarah Vowell, she's funny. Heard her on This American Life?

lilly said...

Thanks so much for thinking about me and my blog and congratulations on getting the award yourself. I did indeed find out some interesting stuff about you (Japan and Italy? Really!? That's fantastic!!!).

Michele Emrath said...

I started a new section called 'This Day in Literary History' at the top of my blog...Check out today's - you'll like it!


Ali said...

Wow, thank you for the award! I've been so neglectful of my blog lately that I feel like nearly everyone has forgotten me. You seriously made my day.

Amanda said...

heheh, in some ways, working at Waldenbooks can be considered BAD fortune. Especially when your TBR pile is already crashing down around your ears. :D

Book pusher said...

Thankyou and congrats, now I have to think of ten things.
How cool Japan and Italy and you get to work with books. 21 and you have already lived especialy if you have been brewing booze in the bathtub. Happy blogging and I do love your blog.

Cecile said...

Congrats on your award!!! I hope you have a great week!

Miss_Nobody said...

I love your sense of humour,and I would LOVE to know more about oyu-how about a blog about life and random stuff.I'm sure many of us would enjoy!Thank you for the award!!!

Miss_Nobody said...

Sigh,do i need to buy my dog a perch?

Rebecca :) said...

Girl, you get more interesting all the time! You lived in Italy?!? I have been fascinated with Italy since I was a teenager probably. I love everything Italian. My cousin lives there now with his wife who is in the army. I would love for someone to say, hey, come live over here! That would rock.

I about busted a gut laughing at #9. I have got to use that one.

Thanks for bestowing me with this award. And congratulations on getting it yourself!