Thursday, December 17, 2009

Where Do You Hang Out?

I can't believe it's been two years since I joined Shelfari.
I first read about it in Oprah magazine. It was included in a list of sites that bookworms should like. I thought it was the best website in history and two years have not changed my mind. To me, it is hands down the best social networking site on the web- finding people with similar book tastes is like a miracle, after a lifetime of having people label you as "weird" for liking books. I found Shelfari around the same time I found my favorite used book store. Suddenly I had the means of really acting on my passion for books.
So, Shelfari is my favorite reading related social networking site. What is yours?

Where Do You Hang Out?

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P.S- On Shelfari, I am known as SpeaksofRivers. Look me up.


StephanieD said...

I hang out at Goodreads. It's much easier for me to manuever in it. I tried Library Thing but it didn't seem as organized.

Johanna said...

I don't hang out anywhere as of yet..maybe I'll check out shelfari. Been too busy with kids and family - but you've motivated me to check it out!

Julie said...

I started on Goodreads, but found I like Shelfari better. Glad you like it too!

NancyO said...

I actually prefer Librarything. I think it's much more organized, and it's so easy to use. Second is goodreads. I have a shelf at Shelfari but haven't used it for awhile.

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