Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Top Ten Things To Eat While Reading


Pizza is my favorite food and would have ranked higher except that it tends to be messy. Not everyone loves the smell of mozzarella and fontina on their literature, so it's not always the ideal. I eat it when reading my own books, to avoid splattering library books with oil and tomato sauce.

If you roll it a little, though, you can make less of a mess. It's true. I've done research.

These are not my favorite cheesy snack but they are good and they don't leave Cheeto stains on the pages.

See the pattern here? This is all food you can eat with one hand and a sandwich is the champion of fistable foods (hmm..."fistable" is not my best made-up word). The beauty here the variety- you can have egg salad, tomato with swiss and lettuce, hot gooey grilled cheese. Private eye Kinsey Millhone from Sue Grafton's Alphabet series, loves peanut butter & pickle sandwiches. After years of reading about her eating them, I made and now it's one of my favorites.

Don't knock it 'til you try it.

Fast food is designed to be eaten one-handed. This way, your driving and texting don't interfere with your eating (least this seems to be the idea where I live). If you must have ketchup, you can drizzle some, but I often go without.

An Apple
Sometimes, usually after eating pizza, fries, some Goldfish and a sandwich, you feel bloated and start worrying about your state of health. Which is where one-handed fruit comes in. It's so classic, sweet and crispy. And it makes you feel like less of a fat @ss.

They're so versatile. Stuff I put on my bagel:Cream cheese with strawberries, Cream cheese with granola and honey, Butter with cinnamon and sugar, Cream cheese with shredded cheddar and sliced green olives

Those Quaker Oates puffed rice cake things
Ugh! Really, You like those?

Yeah. Those things are awesome. Of course, I am talking about the flavored kind- the white cheddar, chocolate chip and the caramel.
The plain ones seem to just be styrofoam in a bag.

I used to eat these in Japan when I was little and the first time I saw them in the States I was excited. My mother use to take us for walks. The beach was perhaps a five mile walk (to and from) the beach. On the way, there was a tiny convenience store. My sister would pick out a bouquet of flowers and we would get some kind of treat--ice cream or Pockys. They had them in every flavor.


Cookies are also versatile. It is even possible to dip them in milk one-handed without dripping on the page.

I am a member of a religious sect in which the only sacrament is chocolate. So far, I am the only partaker but since I keep my beliefs to myself this isn't surprising. I would try to convert the heathen to eternal truth by proselytizing- but the converts might want some of my chocolate.

And then somebody's gonna get shanked.


AngieOnTheNYIslesScene said...

I LOVE that you put Pocky on here! My friend Kathryn got me hooked on that stuff in high school. lol! And of course, the number one WOULD be chocolate... I mean, come on. anyone who doesn't like chocolate is just lame. lol

rhapsodyinbooks said...

These are all pretty messy to read while eating! I do eat messy food while eating, but only if I can manage somehow to eat it with a spoon so I don't have to touch it (and yes, I even eat doughnuts with a spoon!)

Avid Reader said...

This post cracks me up. I frequently read through my lunch break at work, so I can't second quite a few of these foods. If you've got a bit of skill you can pull off eating all of these while reading!

Alyce said...

Pockys look yummy! My number one would be chocolate. :)

J.G. said...

Two questions, please!

Dill or sweet pickles? (I am tempted to try the sandwich.)


What, no popcorn???

sharazad said...

Dill pickles, JG, because it's the crunchy salitness with the smooth sweet peanut butter. Gotta have the right pickles.

And of course there's no popcorn (derisive snort). Popcorn is for *movies*...